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look at their eyes ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿

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Vocal Line 

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W I N EP 6 : F I R S T  B A T T L E

GD : "Don't say you're going to do well, you guys are doing well. Since you're doing well, all you have to do now is enjoy it. Don't be so aware of your surroundings either."
KHB : "I understand."
GD : "I'm your awareness."
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W I N EP 5 : C O A C H E D  B Y  G - D R A G O N

YHS : "Team A, you will interpert and arrange Taeyang's songs. For Team B will be G-Dragon's songs."
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W I N EP 4 : C O M P E T E D  A G A I N S T  J Y P

YHS : "The problem is the pride of YG and JYP. We definitely have to win. I really think that we have to win."
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